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Carl Zeiss S3B OPMI MD

Carl Zeiss S3B OPMI MD
Carl Zeiss S3B OPMI MD
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Made: Carl Zeiss

Model Name: S3B OPMI MD



Product Includes:

  • Footswitch
  • Handles sterilization
  • Preview doctor with a slope of 0-180 degrees
  • Preview assists with a slope of 45 degrees
  • Beamsplitter (Image splitter)



Optical microscope electrically controlled mobile:

  • Infinitely variable magnification (zoom) and focus (focus) using the footswitch
  • The XY
  • Adjusting the angle of incidence of the light beam in the Y plane
  • Liquid setting head vertically or horizontally
  • Continuous light intensity adjustment
  • High-end optics with high depth of field!



  • Infinitely variable magnification (zoom) and focus (focus)
  • Total magnification of the microscope: Doctor (from 4x to 24x), Assist (5x to 30x from)
  • Magnification glasses doctor: 10x / 22 B
  • Magnification glasses assists: 12,5x / 18 B
  • Adjusting the angle of viewing the doctor: from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Constant gradient assists: 45 degrees
  • Focal length f = 200 mm APO
  • Light source power: 75W, halogen
  • Power supply: 115-240 V / 50-60 Hz


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