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Leica M841

Leica M841
Leica M841
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Made: Leica

Model Name: M841

Year: 2012


Product Includes:

  • Preview for the doctor of the binocular with adjustable tilt
  • Preview for assistance with the binocular with adjustable tilt
  • Track Video
  • Footswitch
  • Instruction in English



Electrically controlled microscope:

  • electrically adjustable magnification (zoom) and focus (focus) - continuous regulation
  • variable speed zoom and focus adjustment
  • electrically controlled XY function


Adjust the microscope magnifications from 21x to 3x

Focal Length: f = 200 mm

Halogen lights with adjustable light intensity.

Light source power 12 V / 50 W = 1 bulb. 2 bulbs installed, including one spare.

Coaxial light has two focal lengths: the main and auxiliary (2 squares of light).

Red Reflex

The microscope has an LCD display to control the electrical functions.

Power Supply: 230/240 V

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