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Carl Zeiss OCT3000

Carl Zeiss OCT3000
Carl Zeiss OCT3000
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Made: Carl Zeiss

Model Name: OCT3000

Year: 2013 

Product Includes :

  • Zeiss OCT3000
  • power table (which goes up and down to fit each customer's height)
  • color printer PIXUS iP4830
  • Zeiss operator's manual
  • Software 7.0

The ZEISS Stratus OCT Model 3000 enables examination of the posterior pole of the eye at an extremely fine spatial scale, without surgical biopsy or even any contact with the eye.

The Stratus OCT minimizes patient discomfort as it permits detailed examination of the retina and optic nerve head at the office or clinic. The Stratus OCT facilitates diagnosis and management of retinal diseases and glaucoma. 

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