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Leica M500

Leica M500 With Camera
Leica M500 With Camera
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Made: Leica

Model Name: M500

Year: 2013


Product Includes:

  • System XY
  • TV circuit with Leica Camera 2
  • Neovo LCD Monitor 17 "
  • Preview doctor with a constant slope of 45 degrees
  • Footswitch



Electrically controlled microscope:

  • Infinitely variable magnification (zoom) and focus (focus)
  • The XY
  • Reaction speed control zoom, focus and XY functions
  • Red-Reflex
  • Coaxial Light
  • Adjusting the light intensity
  • Microscope ideal for cataract surgery

Microscope situated on the tripod.

High-end optics with high depth of field! 



  • Large adjustable magnification microscope 7x - 42x
  • Focal Length: f = 200 mm (lens can be exchanged for another with a different focal length)
  • Halogen lights with adjustable light intensity
  • Green filter
  • Light source power 21 V / 150 W = 1 bulb
  • 2 bulbs installed, the option to switch to the other on the failure of the first
  • The beam of light bulb brought to fiber optics using
  • Power supply: 230-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 400 VA

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