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Moller-Wedel Variflex

Moller-Wedel Variflex
Moller-Wedel Variflex
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Made: Moller-Wedel 

Model Name: Variflex

Year: 2008


Product Includes:

  • Preview doctor (each eyepiece magnification 12,5x)
  • Preview assists (each eyepiece magnification 12,5x)
  • Adjustable angle binocular
  • Track Video
  • XY control
  • Foot controller, 2 step: 
  • 1 setting allows you to adjust the zoom and focus, 
  • 2 speed setting allows you to set the zoom and focus response and light intensity.



  • The microscope used in ophthalmic surgery or other like. Dentistry.
  • The microscope has high quality optics
  • Electrically controlled microscope functions:
  1. Płynna Adjustable magnification (zoom) and focus (focus) 
  2. speed response magnification and focus and intensity of light. 
  3. Electric control the XY axis head  
  • Adjustable focal length f = 160 to 220 mm
  • The total magnification of the microscope from 3.5x to 21x
  • Preview physician: each eyepiece magnification 12,5x
  • Preview assistance: each eyepiece magnification 12,5x
  • Halogen Lighting

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